It's an artist thing :)

You know how some artists are recorded as having a blue period, a cubist period, or a realism period, etc? well, I guess the last couple of years have been my slow period. ;) No real postings in over a year now, wow, well, I'll try harder, be nice to surpass 2012, when I went to Japan and posted a whole bunch.



So, out of curiosity, has anyone ever met an M.B.A. who has actually, like, you know, ever really done anything in their lives, other than study business? You know, maybe, actually work with the proles? Got their hands dirty? Not bury minions in paperwork? And by work, I mean, really work, get out and pack grocery store shelves, sell electronics, change the oil in cars. Feel sorry for people buried in paperwork?


So Far, So Good

Well, it has been about two months, but my knee is improving to the point where I can walk in comfort for the first time in almost two years. This is a good thing, now I can get back to the exercise bike. I certainly did not want a knee replacement, which from all appearances would have been completely unnecessary. Now to deal with the lower back so that I can walk more than a few feet without pain there.


Old Geek

I think I am getting to be an old tech geek... (I say tech rather than computer because my technological interests are not just limited to computers.) Anyway, I am using a new piece of software to make my Blogger and Joomla templates. The software is called Artisteer.  Gone are the good old days of straight HTML coding, now I have to be able to edit CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as well, now stick that in with PHP (for Joomla) and XML, and it can all be rather mind boggling sometimes. Oh well, I can write machine code and C, I should be able to do this....


It Was late, and I was tired.

So, I got bored with the way my blog looked.

As you can see, it has changed. It is still not complete, but I wanted a change.
It's looked the same since I first put it up in 2006.

So, I guess it was time.


So Far, So Good

About a year and a half ago, I started having trouble with my right knee, bad enough that walking was a real strain, not long ago, I went back to my massage therapist and she poked and prodded my legs (well, basically every muscle from the lower back down) and said if you don't stretch these, they will basically become petrified. And that the tight muscles/tendons were the cause of the pain in the knee, not arthritis. So I have been faithfully stretching everything from the back down; she was right. The pain is almost gone, she also said it could take ten months to completely loosen everything up.



I spent portions of my weekend at Caperwray Harbour Bible School.
I was awfully tempted to take a canoe out for a spin, it would have
been the first time since 1992....

And unfortunately, my canoe paddling partner passed on last year. :(

Have to teach my wife to paddle....


Incomplete Documentation and examples

OK, is it lazyness?

Lack of knowledge?

A cruel streak?

I am finding lately that developers and those who
write tutorials, example code and books, do a very
poor job of complete examples.


For example: I am working on a project in which
I am trying to use GtkIconFactory, not bad in and
of itself, but the sample code I have seen takes
you to the point where you can get the menubar
visible, but no one (and I mean NO ONE) who
writes example code either on the net, or in books,
shows you how to actually take it to the next step
and make those really pretty buttons you just
created actually do something, at least without




Wow - 8 Months

8 months since my last post - busy times.
Got a few things planned and up my sleeve.

1) Got a small programming project going on
2) Got a complex software installation happening - which I want
    to make a how-to for, as none of the how-to's for this package
    are terribly complete.

Stay tuned. ;)