Misused Terminology

I am tired of the co-opting of common (or even not so common) terminology.

One of my pet peeves, as people may know, is the misuse of the term drone.
 It isn't a drone unless it has a degree of autonomy in flight, otherwise, it is an unmanned aerial vehicle.

 My next big peeve has been a heavily misused word for decades now: hacker... A hacker used to be someone who simply "hacked on" technology, as I do, to learn how it functions. Or to make their own technological devices (as I do) to learn how it all works and have fun. In this sense, I am a hacker. The term which should have been used, and is correct, of those who break into computers and technology for not so legal purposes is: cracker. To this end, it STILL should be the term used.

So if I call myself a hacker, know which term I am using, the correct one.

Ug - Lee

Why are so many places renovated or built by online contractors (Beaumler, Holmes) so darned ugly when completed? Stark, blinding colours, expensive materials (like marble) and boxy buildings. I wouldn't live in any of them. Come on folks, how about something plain and simple? Not filled with uncomfortable art deco.

WEP 858D

So I joined the frey at the EEVBLOG and bought a hot air rework station, of which members have been buying a couple of different models:

Yuoyue 858D
Atten 858D
Yihua 858D
WEP 858D

I have the WEP unit, all of them have subtle differences, but one of the biggest things they have in common is the mis-wiring of the AC power plug, almost always the Hot and the Neutral are swapped, with the neutral being fused and switched instead of the hot lead, a small and easy fix. The bigger issues include temperature overshoot and fan control. If you check out this thread: Reverse engineering and New Firmware at the EEVBlog, you will see some of the work which has gone on. My unit, like the others, is different so here are the schematics I have come up with, in  case anyone else needs them.

Hopefully; someone will find this useful. This is for the Rev 8 board, which doesn't look much different from the Rev 6 board I have seen photos of.

The micro substitution board will not work exactly as produced, as there are differences in the orientation between the Zilog processor used in this unit and ATmel and Motorola processors in other units, though I suspect with a bit of reworking; it could be made to work. The firmware would probably also require tweaking.

If you check out the schematics here: Youyue 858D - you will see that my WEP unit has no negative rail, it also has an LM358 op-amp instead of an OP07, as the LM358 does not require a negative supply.


Trip down memory lane

Decided to take a trip down memory lane (see what I did there?), stoke the furnace and write some assembly code for the Commodore 64 this past week... 6510 (basically 6502) processor... Trying to recreate, from memory, a program I wrote 30+ years ago...

This is a screen capture of the C64 Rom running on VICE - a Commodore emulator.

In this case, it's running under Mint Linux.

If I ever get this bit of code I am working on completed, I will pop it up here for all (or none) to see.

It is a simple ham radio logbook program.


It's an artist thing :)

You know how some artists are recorded as having a blue period, a cubist period, or a realism period, etc? well, I guess the last couple of years have been my slow period. ;) No real postings in over a year now, wow, well, I'll try harder, be nice to surpass 2012, when I went to Japan and posted a whole bunch.



So, out of curiosity, has anyone ever met an M.B.A. who has actually, like, you know, ever really done anything in their lives, other than study business? You know, maybe, actually work with the proles? Got their hands dirty? Not bury minions in paperwork? And by work, I mean, really work, get out and pack grocery store shelves, sell electronics, change the oil in cars. Feel sorry for people buried in paperwork?


So Far, So Good

Well, it has been about two months, but my knee is improving to the point where I can walk in comfort for the first time in almost two years. This is a good thing, now I can get back to the exercise bike. I certainly did not want a knee replacement, which from all appearances would have been completely unnecessary. Now to deal with the lower back so that I can walk more than a few feet without pain there.